Attention breeders save up to $1500!

If you are a breeder then you can purchase our 25 or 100 pack and purchase up to that amount of lifetime microchip registrations, transferable at no cost to a new owner at our breeder special price of four dollars per registration instead of our regular low price of $19. This represents a saving of up to $1500 on a 100 pack and a level of platinum service on the registration for you and subsequent owners.

VIAGUARD microchip registration and a priceless gift. The canine/feline healthguard program.

Breeders will now save thousands with the Viaguard program.

The VIAGUARD state of the art viaject preloaded syringe provides lifetime identification for a range of pets and other animals. The iso 15 digit code in the microchip with unique tissue attachment features is ready to use in our preloaded sterilized. surgical quality syringe.
The syringe is user-friendly and painless for dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. The video on this site describes the use and features of the syringe.
The barcode registered with us is globally available to every kennel club, veterinarian and dog rescue organizations from Arizona to Zanzibar. and features search and rescue pet alert if your pet is missing.

If ownership of the pet changes there is no charge for registration of new contact information.



Combo 25 pak syringes and prepaid microchip global registration forms



Combo 100 pak syringes and prepaid microchip global registration forms



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Microchip Depot designed for Breeders

Microchipping cats and dogs
A microchip is a capsule about the size of a grain of rice that contains a computer chip with an alphanumeric unique code. Microchips are sterile and biologically inert and will not cause a reaction in pets. All microchips are clinically precision tested by Viaguard before being sent for implant.

The life of the microchip will exceed by far the life of the pet. If a lost pet is found by a pet rescue, SPCA, or veterinarian they will routinely scan for a microchip number if one is present. If one is found, they will contact registering agencies like Viaguard. Once notified, Viaguard will immediately notify the registered pet owner.

Storage of a DNA sample means that if in the future for any reason you require a DNA profile of your pet it can be determined by a Viaguard DNA test.




Karl Jenkins - Happy Customer

Easy Registration! I highly recommend.

Roslyn Doe - Happy Customer

Great service and support! Thank you!

Thomas Sanders - Happy Customer

My microchip arrived without defect and was easily inserted under my dog'skin. Great product!